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Leading company in distribution, sale and installation of artificial turf

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TODOCESPED ® is a company dedicated to the sale and installation of artificial turf and decoration accessories for gardens, terraces and leisure spaces.

Our experience in decorative elements has allowed us to develop new technologies in artificial turf, to incorporate them into our catalog of construction elements for public works (roundabouts, public spaces, recreation areas , etc …) and private work (gardens, attics, terraces, etc …).

Aware of the times, the range of artificial turf that we have designed allows our clients to enjoy all their free time, without being obliged to perform hard tasks (fertilizers, watering, cutting the grass, etc …), achieving significant economic savings and also contributing to a greener, more sustainable environment.

TodoCESPED’s commercial policy is to offer our customers the best products on the market , at wholesale prices (without intermediaries) makes us enjoy the Total trust of our customers. What together with the quality of the product we manufacture, speed in sales and installation, good service and of course at our excellent prices, has allowed us throughout these 10 years of experience in Arelux Group – TodoCESPED get to decorate the homes of more 9,000 clients among individuals and companies in Spain.

In this sense, TodoCESPED invests annually in R&D performing quality tests, design of new products and implementation of improvements to existing ones with the aim to exceed the expectations of our customers and thus achieve the highest quality artificial grass. So thanks to laboratory tests, we can now guarantee a minimum duration of 20 years in the models available for sale .

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Investigación y ensayos de calidad en el laboratorio I+D de TodoCESPED

Additionally, all our lawn models are certified with C.E approval. which accredits and ensures compliance with all regulations on fire protection, safety and quality assurance in manufacturing components according to the standards set by the European Union.

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We are currently one of the few companies in the certified sector with the ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO Environment 14001: 2015 in relation to the installation of artificial grass and garden accessories.

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We have installers all over Spain:

Nodriza Las Oficinas Y Almacenes De Grupo Arelux TodoCESPED

Consequence of significant business growth in recent years, we have recently moved to an office of 3,000 square meters that have exposure for customers Come and visit us, much larger offices (with all the comforts for the well-being of our employees, which we have called Nodriza) and two large annexed warehouses for storage and logistics.



You can come visit us at our new facilities at Avda. del Rosario nº 8, Cuarte de Huerva (Zaragoza, Spain) . Where we will be happy to assist you in person.

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 Corporate Social Responsibility Seal In TodoCESPED – Arelux Group we have a business mission to build a different company, innovative and committed to its environment, to grow sustainably thanks to the design, manufacture and distribution of products oriented to efficiency and energy saving, supported by the latest digital trends, technology and constant innovation. At the same time we generate real value for our stakeholders (both internally as our employees and shareholders, as well as society as a whole), always promoting their integral development through responsible and beneficial policies for all of them .

In TodoCESPED – Arelux Group we work to be recognized as a leading and innovative company in business reality, which helps in building a better future, promoting sustainable development over time, which keeps our fundamental pillars solid: people, good value for money and unbeatable service.

This is why we aspire to be a leading reference in the field of business excellence and social responsibility; generating satisfaction and promoting the integral development of our workers; Promoting and contributing to the development of society and the people that compose it; And finally, promoting care and respect for the environment.

    • Ecology as the basis of our products, shared with the commitment to environmentally sustainable business practices.
    • Transparency before the relevant authorities and consumers in all our fields of action.
    • Implementation of the latest technologies and work methodologies to improve productivity, innovation and customer satisfaction.
    • Creating Shared Value as a fundamental way of establishing synergies with other companies. 
    • Development of a strong working network that creates common value and perpetuates our relationship with both customers and consumers.

Do you want to know how much artificial grass would cost you?

We advise you to choose the most suitable product for your needs, depending on whether it is a terrace, garden, attic, swimming pool, aimed at children, pets, etc. There is a type of grass for each application. If you want to know more, do not hesitate to contact us and request free estimate and samples .