Types of artificial turf

Whether you have children, pets, or just want to create a natural environment in your home, we have artificial turf for every need!

What do you need? Choose the best artificial grass

The best artificial grass is the premium model of TodoCESPED.es , Everest 47.

It is very dense and vigorous, it is a dense artificial grass suitable for areas where the natural grass is very green

 It is an accessible product for all pockets that is very soft both to the touch and on the tread.

Very very soft. Perfect for homes where children are the most important.

Muy resistente, ideal para que tu mascota corra libre sin que tengas que preocuparte.

El modelo más versátil para colocar en jardines y junto a piscinas.

Economical, realistic and good quality artificial turf model adapted to all pockets.

Comparison of TodoCESPED artificial turf models


Everest 47

Pirineo 40

Terra 40

Aneto 37

Porto 35

Benasque 35

Formigal 30

Aínsa 27


47 mm

40 mm

40 mm

37 mm

35 mm

35 mm

30 mm

27 mm


Resistencia, recuperación

Para niños 

Para perros

Para piscina