Types of artificial grass

If you have children, pets, or simply want to create a natural environment in your home, we have artificial grass types for all needs!

Modelo de césped Aneto 37

Everest 47 – The most exclusive model

The highest in our range … soft, fluffy and unique in Spain.

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Modelo de césped Aneto 37

Aneto 37 – For those you love the most

Very very soft. Ideal for homes where children send.

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Modelo de césped Terra 40

Terra 40 – The multipurpose lawn

The most versatile model to place in gardens and pools.

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Modelo de césped Porto 35

Pirineo 40 – Green, vigorous, dense …

Busy and deep green. Ideal for rainy and mountain areas.

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Modelo de césped Porto 35

Porto 35 – For your best friend

Very tough, ideal for your pet to run free without worrying.

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Modelo de césped Terra 40

Benasque 35 – Quality at a good price

A soft and resistant grass. The best quality / price ratio.

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Modelo de césped Aneto 37

Aínsa 27 – For all budgets

Affordable and decorative for gardens, housing developments and public works.

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Common characteristics of our types of artificial turf

CE marking

Complies with the legal and technical security requirements of the Member States of the European Union.

Fire resistant

The fibers with which they are made prevent the grass from burning or spreading fire around it.

Child use

Soft, fluffy and antibacterial. In addition, it does not puncture, does not slip and does not burn. It is neither toxic nor produces allergies.

Chlorine resistant

Laboratory tests certify that our lawn does not deteriorate with pool chlorine.

Pet use

Urine resistant, very easy to clean. It supports without wearing down the games and pranks of your pets.

After 20 years… Your artificial grass like new!

With artificial grass you can enjoy an always perfect space and effortlessly!

At TodoCESPED® we manufacture artificial turf that lasts more than 20 years . You do not have to worry about its care. It’s green and beautiful all year long!

Our grass is resistant to long exposure to the sun, sudden changes in temperature, rain, snow, hail, fire and chlorine. It also does not lose color or texture over time.

These qualities are accompanied by certificates issued by independent laboratories .

Do you want to be one of our satisfied customers?

And if you need to decorate a space at a very low price…

Modelo de césped Aneto 37

Decor Verde – The best artificial carpet grass

Very resistant for indoor or outdoor events

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