Artificial grass for terraces

TodoCESPED’s artificial grass for terraces is the best on the market to be installed on these surfaces, since according to the technical tests we have carried out, our artificial grass:

Does not accumulate as much heat, resists temperature, thermal contrast and wear.

Discover our artificial grass for terraces

Get a unique space thanks to the decoration of your terrace with artificial grass . Our models are very resistant, so you will be able to place all kinds of heavy objects on the turf, from outdoor furniture to inflatable pools, which is kept up superbly. Due to its great resilience, after brushing the lawn will return to its original appearance.

An advantage of installing artificial grass on terraces is that it is very simple, so you can carry out the installation yourself, achieving the best results.

Regardless of whether you want to install your lawn on a cement, concrete, or tile surface, the process is the same.

Advantages of artificial grass by TodoCESPED®

Installing artificial grass of TodoCESPED will allow you to transform your terrace into a unique space that the whole family can enjoy.

We have 8 models of artificial grass with different height, color and density of fibers, although the perfect appearance is a common feature in all models.

Our artificial grass has exceptional durabilitymore than 20 years retaining its appearance despite being installed outdoors and outdoors.

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Why our artificial grass is ideal for terraces

Technical test for temperature resistance

ensayo cesped artificial resistencia termica

In the R&D Laboratory, we have used an infrared light bulb to heat artificial grass and a thermal imager to analyze lower and upper temperature variations that reaches the turf, thus being able to carry out this technical test of resistance to temperature.

After subjecting the artificial grass to long exposures of infrared light, we can conclude:

Our artificial grass has great thermal resistance, it doesn’t absorb as much heat.

Technical test for wear resistance

We have developed a specific test to find out the effects of wear and abrasion on our artificial grass, following the Standard UNE-EN 15306.

The continuous use of our artificial grass for 20 years has been simulated with an abrasimeter, and the main conclusion obtained after carrying out the test: 

Neither the color of the fibers nor any other attribute of our artificial grass has deteriorated despite 20 years of constant use.

ensayo resistencia al desgaste

Technical test for resistance to thermal contrast

We have developed in the R&D laboratory a study on the resistance to thermal contrast that our artificial grass presents.

The different samples of TodoCESPED artificial grass have been subjected to the Sahara Effect, which are sudden changes in temperature (from 60º to -10º) every 5 minutes for 20 years.

We can conclude after carrying out the test:

Our artificial grass has not suffered any damage. It has a durability of more than 20 years with the best conditions.

Artificial grass models recommended for terraces

Artificial grass of 35mm with great resilience . Recommended on busy terraces, if there is furniture, or pets.


High-strength artificial grass with a natural green color of 40mm in height. Vigorous, dense and bushy appearance, unique model on the market.

Artificial grass of 40mm very realistic thanks to its combination of green and brown. High recovery to footsteps and resistance.

* These are some of the most recommended models for terraces, but all models at are suitable.



Is artificial grass difficult to install on terraces?

No . Most of our customers who buy artificial grass for terraces usually install it themselves. Regardless of whether the surface is tile, concrete or cement, we explain step by step how to carry out the entire process in this Artificial Grass Installation Guide .

However, if you want a professional to install your turf, we have a trusted network of installers all over the country.

Is there any mark on the tile when installing the artificial grass?

In principle, no. If the installation of the artificial grass on the tile is carried out with the sealer of polyurethane instead of with glue, it does not have to remain a mark. Therefore, if after a few years with the artificial grass installed on your terrace you decide that it is time to remove it, do not worry, the surface is preserved in good condition.

Will the terrace drain well after installation?

Yes, after the installation of the artificial grass it drains exactly the same as before being placed, because the drainage capacity of the artificial grass is 60 liters per minute and m2 . If the terrain is level and the installation is successful, no puddle will appear.

Is artificial grass easy to clean?

The artificial grass is very easy to clean . It would be enough to clean the area with a water and some soap. To disinfect it completely it can be cleaned with bleach diluted with water or even with sanitizing perfume, thus we make sure that it is disinfected.
If you have a pet and you are concerned that the acidity of the urine affects the lawn, the material is of high quality and resists it perfectly, it is prepared for it so it will not lose color or be damaged . In short, when our pets relieve themselves on the artificial grass, we simply remove the excrement, rinse with a hose and that’s it.

Is it possible to place heavy objects on top?

Of course . Artificial grass models are more than resistant. It is possible to place any piece of furniture or object on the lawn, no matter how heavy it is, such as doghouses, swimming pools, or the like, that it will not suffer any damage. Simply brushing in the opposite direction to the fibers when removing these objects will be enough to restore them to their original appearance.

Why should you install TodoCESPED® artificial grass?

The artificial grass models of are characterized by their extraordinary quality. They have certificates that homologate their properties, characteristics and uses, such as CE, TENCATE, ISO 14001 and 9001, while being respectful of the environment. We have prepared the technical tests in the R&D Laboratory in order to guarantee the resistance of our artificial grass to moisture, chlorine, wear or the temperature, and putting at your disposal the only artificial grass on the market capable of withstanding 20 years in perfect condition. We have 8 different models of artificial grass, aimed at specific uses, as is the case with artificial grass for swimming pools, the artificial grass for children or the artificial grass for pets. We offer a quality product accompanied by excellent service, and therefore we accompany you throughout the process. We have installers throughout Spain that can carry out the installation of your artificial grass, or You may well receive free advice to do it yourself.

At least they last 20 years. We are conducting 40-year trials.

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