Artificial grass for residential areas

The artificial grass models for residential areas and neighbourhoods of TodoCESPED have undergone technical tests in the Laboratory in order to certify that they are:

Very resistant to continuous use, chlorine and long exposures to sunlight.

Discover our artificial turf for residential areas

TodoCESPED’s artificial grass for residential areas has many advantages for homeowners. Firstly, its resistance , not only to wear and tear in busy areas, but also to chlorine and UV rays.

Artificial grass responds to the problems that natural lawn generates in residential areas, allowing residents to enjoy a perfect aesthetics and appearance throughout the year.

Our models are very exclusive and of great quality , they adapt to the needs of each surface, creating unique spaces.

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Advantages of TodoCESPED artificial grass ®

At TodoCESPED we have a long history in the artificial grass sector, we are experts in the manufacture, distribution and installation of decorative or landscaped artificial grass. We have a wide variety of artificial grass models of different sizes, textures and colors.

We have the opportunity to adapt to the needs of all our clients and the surface on which the lawn is to be installed.

Each model is focused on a more specific use or installation depending on its properties and characteristics, although all the models of artificial grass we have can be installed on any surface , being valid for any use.

Our artificial grass is also ideal for pets, swimming pools, children’s use, business…

Do you want to see works of our artificial grass?

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Why our artificial grass is ideal for residential areas and neighbourhoods

Technical test of wear resistance ✅

To find out the abrasion and wear resistance of our artificial grass models, we have developed a technical test based on the requirements of the Standard UNE-EN 15306.

The use of an abrasimeter has been essential to carry out the test in the R&D Laboratory. It is a machine that simulates the wear and tear of the lawn due to its daily use: footfalls, friction, etc. After 20 years of simulation , the results obtained are as follows:

The artificial grass of TodoCESPED that we have submitted to the simulation has not suffered any alteration in its appearance, no change has been detected in 20 years of continuous use.

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Technical test of chlorine resistance ✅

ensayo cesped artificial resistencia al cloro

Since it is very common that in the common areas of the residential areas there is a swimming pool , we have decided to certify its resistance to chlorine with a technical test based on ISO 105 E3.

TodoCESPED’s turf samples have been placed in a container that contains a solution of water and chlorine, with a higher percentage of chlorine than in any swimming pool.

After removing the artificial grass from the containers, the impact of the simulation on them was analyzed:

Our grass is totally chlorine resistant, it does not discolor or damage the fibers that compose it.

Technical test for UV resistance ✅

We have developed in the R&D Laboratory a test on the resistance to sunlight (UV rays) of our artificial grass.

The objective was to identify the aging experienced by our artificial grass due to sunlight and in extreme conditions. After 18 weeks of simulation, equivalent to 20 years of excessive use of the lawn while it is exposed to UV rays, we can conclude that:

We have lawn models with excellent resistance to UV rays, after the test they are in perfect condition.

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Recommended artificial grass models for residential areas

Of all the available ones, it is the one with the best quality-price. It combines softness and resistance, making it the ideal model for < strong> home use.

Very realistic artificial grass, due to the quality of its 40mm fibers. brown and green. It is the perfect combination of softness and resistance.

It is one of the most resistant models in the entire range. With high-quality fibers and 35 mm high, this is the ideal artificial grass model for pets.

* Although they are the most recommended models for residential areas and neighbourhoods, all models can be installed on these surfaces.


Will artificial grass support that much traffic?

Of course. At TodoCESPED, we have carried out a specific test in our R&D Laboratory to find out the resistance of our artificial grass to wear and abrasion. Finally, it has been concluded that it perfectly resists everyday use, footfalls, friction, etc. In fact, despite 20 years of simulation subjected to continuous use, it remains unchanged.

Will artificial grass be damaged by chlorine of the pool?

No , chlorine does nothing to harm TodoCESPED artificial grass. The fibers of all our models are specifically made to resist chlorine and other chemical products, without altering color or appearance. It is quite common that in common areas of urbanizations and neighboring communities there are swimming pools, so the installation of artificial grass on these surfaces will not bring any inconvenience.

Is artificial grass easy to clean?

Yes , artificial grass is very easy to clean . It would be enough to pass a little water over time to remove the dirt that may settle on it, as on any other surface. In order to obtain an optimal aspect it is also recommended to brush the artificial grass in counter-direction.

Is artificial grass for children suitable?

Yes. TodoCESPED’s artificial grass models are characterized by their great softness and thickness . If they fall on the grass they will not hurt themselves as their fall will be cushioned. Being resistant to moisture, bacteria will not appear and, since it is artificial, it will not attract mosquitoes, insects, etc. In TodoCESPED we have specific models for children’s use .

Is artificial grass for pets suitable?

Of coursedogs and any type of pet loves TodoCESPED artificial grass. It is very resistant and will not suffer any damage no matter how much they play on it or vice versa, since they are not toxic.
If you do your business on artificial grass, it will be enough to remove the excrement and clean the area with a water and some soap. To disinfect it completely, simply clean the surface with bleach diluted with water or apply sanitizing perfume. The acidity of the urine does not affect them since the material is of high quality.

Is it possible to place heavy objects on top?

Of course . You can put all kinds of garden furniture, even if they are very heavy, such as dog kennels, removable or inflatable pools, playgrounds or the like, that the artificial grass will not suffer any damage. If you brush the lawn after removing it, it will return to its original state.

Here you can solve more questions about artificial grass .

Why should I install TodoCESPED® artificial grass?

At TodoCESPED we offer you a great variety of artificial grass models, ideal to be installed on any surface: earth, concrete, tile…

It is a very good solution when it comes to decoration and landscaping , since it gives the spaces on which it is installed a completely different look and much more attractive.

Many advantages derive from artificial turf compared to natural grass, but above all we highlight the minimal maintenance that requires the artificial, as well as the saving that it supposes: in water, in time, in the materials necessary to conserve the natural in good condition …

As a company, He has been in the artificial grass sector for many years, so he has experience in manufacturing, distribution and installation of it.

We offer guarantees exclusive and unique in the market, where the satisfaction of our customers is prioritized at all times.

The durability of our models is greater than 20 years.
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