ANETO 37 – Extra soft artificial grass

The softest artificial grass is the high-end model of, Aneto 37.

It is a product that enjoys an extraordinary softness , being very pleasant to the touch as well as realistic, thus retaining a unique appearance.

Description of artificial grass model Aneto 37

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In addition to the softness that is undoubtedly the main property of this type of artificial grass, the Aneto 37 model is also characterized by its natural appearance , since it combines fibers of different textures, shapes and tones of brown and green, that give it a very characteristic appearance.

We consider the Aneto 37 artificial turf model of great quality , since it has a lot of diamond-shaped fiber density, both smooth and curly, measuring 37 mm high and standing tall despite the passage of time.

It is an exclusive and suitable model for installation on any surface and for any use, although we recommend it especially for playgrounds, schools, nurseries and homes with children.

If you do not want to carry out the installation of the artificial turf and prefer an installer to do it, at TodoCESPED we offer you a national network of professional and trusted installers , who have extensive experience in the artificial turf sector.

However, it is very simple install the artificial grass on any surface, especially if they are from concrete or tile, usually it is not necessary to perform work. When the installation is on ground and requires work, it does not last longer two days so it’s a fairly fast process.

If you decide to lay the artificial grass yourself, our commercial technicians will give you free advice on everything you need and you can also benefit from all the tutorials and explanations on how to install artificial grass that we put at your disposal.

This model is an artificial grass suitable for pets, has great resilience and resistance to wear or abrasion. It doesn’t matter how much your dog or pet uses it, this grass will not suffer any damage , since it is specially developed for it.

If what worries you is that your pet is not comfortable in artificial turf, you should know that adapt very quickly to it and that They like it as much as the natural one, since TodoCESPED models do not burn or puncture, and are very pleasant to the touch.

The Aneto 37 model is an artificial turf suitable for swimming pools , be they inflatable or even removable. Artificial turf does not flatten or lose its way by placing these types of pool on it.

The fibers of our grass are totally resistant to chlorine , do not discolor or deteriorate early due to water splashes combined with this chemical. Similarly, if your pool is salt water you also have nothing to worry about. The artificial grass of TodoCESPED is resistant to saltpeter that they contain.

Unlike the natural grass that has to be cut, irrigated, etc., artificial grass does not require much care. To make it look good it is only necessary to remove the dust that can be deposited on the surface and brush it from time to time against the direction.

To achieve an optimal result, in addition to the maintenance and artificial grass cleaning , you can spray it with sanitizing perfume. You will get a surface with artificial grass that smells like freshly cut natural grass.

High quality artificial grass

Our artificial turf is of superior quality , so we have decided to develop technical tests in an R&D Laboratory that they would allow us to guarantee that all our models last more than 20 years maintaining a perfect state and appearance. In the simulations to which the artificial grass samples were subjected, it has been shown that our models are resistant to moisture, chlorine, wear, long exposure to UV rays and much more.

In short, we put at your disposal artificial grass models of the best quality and with durability exceeding 20 years.

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