TERRA 40 – Realistic artificial grass

This type of artificial turf from TodoCESPED, the Terra 40 model, is characterized by its great realism as well as its resistance.

It’s important also to highlight its extraordinary resilience on footfalls: the fibers return into their original form immediately.

Description of the artificial grass model Terra 40

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The most characteristic feature of the Terra 40mm model is its realistic appearance. Its appearance is due to the fibers that make up this lawn Artificial are in U-shaped with central nerve and are also four different colors, which are collected in two shades of green and brown .

Also, since the fibers are so high and there is so much, they make it fluffy and keep the hair straight, regaining its shape after the tread.

It is the most complete artificial turf model on the market since with its 40 mm. tall and its double curly hair that gives it a great naturalness , has characteristics that make it have nothing to envy the natural grass, its appearance remains perfect all the time.

Artificial turf can be installed on virtually any surface, such as asphalt, concrete, tile or earth, among others. It is very easy to install artificial grass, in most cases it can be placed directly, although in others it is possible that the ground must be prepared before. If there is a work to be done, it does not last more than two days.


The advantage of artificial grass is that it has holes in its base that allow it to have a great drainage capacity, so puddles do not form where it is installed, as long as this surface is in good condition.

If you have a pet, you don’t have to worry, because the Terra 40 model is ideal for homes with pets, since it is not toxic and does not cause allergies or irritations.


Apart from being a very tough and durable type of artificial grass for dogs and pets, animals like to play on it and get used to this new surface very quickly. No problem if they make their needs on artificial turf, just clean the surface by removing the excrement.


The acidity of the urine does not damage or discolor artificial grass.

Chlorine does not damage the artificial grass that we put at your disposal from TodoCESPED, since it is intended to be installed in swimming pools, developed in a way that totally resists the effect that this chemical and other similar could have on the grass.


Our lawn is not only resistant to chlorine, but thanks to its great resistance and ability to recover its original shape after putting weight on it, it is possible to place inflatable and removable pools on top of any TodoCESPED model that will not suffer any damage. It also resists saltpeter from salt water pools.

Constant maintenance is not necessary so that the artificial grass retains its original state and is well taken care of over time.


The only thing that really requires the maintenance of the artificial turf is a brushing from time to time to remove the dust or dirt that can be deposited on the artificial turf, as with any surface.

High quality artificial grass

In TodoCESPED we are very aware of the importance of the investment in R&D and the need of our customers to acquire quality products. Therefore, we have conducted technical tests with the different types of artificial turf we have available to guarantee their unique properties and characteristics in the market. We have subjected our artificial turf models to extreme conditions of humidity, exposure to UV rays, chlorine and temperature contrasts, among many others, thus verifying the resistance that characterize our lawn.

Our artificial grass does not deteriorate or discolor under extreme conditions, has a lifespan of more than 20 years.

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