Artificial grass for garden

Our artificial grass is ideal for installation in gardens. Weather resistant for more than 20 years without deteriorating:

Resists wear, sudden changes in temperature, chlorine and UV rays.

Why to install artificial grass in gardens

Any of our artificial grass models stands out in the open perfectly, without any of its characteristics or properties deteriorating or disappearing. This makes our grass the best artificial grass for gardens , since despite the passage of time both its appearance and the state of its fibers remain intact, it is of high quality.

Due to the quality and high density of fibers, the recovery ability of our artificial grass is very high.

It is possible to place heavy objects on the lawn, such as garden furniture, inflatable pools, doghouses, etc., as no marks will remain .

Recommended models for gardens

Of all the available ones, this is the one with the best value for money. It combines softness and resistance, making it the ideal model for home use.

Very realistic artificial grass, due to the quality of its 40mm fibers. brown and green. It is the perfect combination of softness and resistance.

High-end artificial grass : It is a realistic, thick, soft and very fluffy model. Perfect for decorating all types of surfaces: its quality is extraordinary.

* These are some of the recommended models to install in gardens, since all the models can be installed on these surfaces.


Why our artificial grass is ideal for gardens

Chlorine resistance technical test

To verify the chlorine resistance of the fibers of our artificial grass, we have developed a technical test in research laboratories based on the ISO 105 E3 Standard. The test aims to Find out the reaction of our lawn when it is around a pool and exposed to chlorine.

Several grass samples were immersed in a water solution with a chlorine concentration very higher than that of any swimming pool. Finally we can affirm that:

The fibers of artificial grass from TodoCESPED ® are not affected by chlorine, it does not discolor.

Technical test for UV resistance

Following the UNE-EN 14836 Standard, the test was developed with which we identified the resistance of our artificial grass to long exposures to sunlight.

To do this, we simulated the constant use of our artificial grass while it was exposed to a long radiation of ultraviolet rays , that is, it was subjected to extreme conditions .

After an 18-week trial, the scientists who conducted the trial claim that:

Our artificial grass will not fade or deteriorate despite long exposures to sunlight.

cesped artificial resistente a la luz solar

Technical test of resistance to wear

This test has been developed based on the requirements established in the UNE-EN 15306 standard.

When doing this, we have used an abrasimeter to simulate continuous use and much superior to that normally found in any garden.

The fiber of our artificial grass does not deteriorate despite constant use of the grass in 20 years.

Technical test for Temperature resistance

We have developed a technical test in the research laboratory to find out the resistance of our artificial grass to sudden changes in temperature.

For this, we have subjected our artificial grass samples to the Sahara Effect, that is, extreme changes in temperature, going from 60º to -10º every 5 minutes during a 20-year simulation.

Our artificial grass has not deteriorated at all. It has a durability of more than 20 years.

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Can I decorate the garden without spoiling it?

Of course . All our models have an extraordinary resistance that allows you to place all kinds of heavy objects on the lawn (tables, chairs…) without losing their perfect appearance. When removing them, just brush against the direction to recover its appearance.


Will my pet enjoy artificial grass? Will he be able to play without spoiling the grass?

Definitely yes. Any of the TodoCESPED models is ideal for dogs, cats, rabbits… any type of pet. It is so strong and the fibers are fixed in such a way that they cannot be torn from the base. In addition, our grass is not affected by the acidity of the urine, it will not discolor.

Can artificial grass be discolored with chlorine?

No . Its polyethylene fiber is resistant to many other diluted chemicals, such as chlorine. The grass will resist without spoiling or losing color due to contact with water. ® has a technical test for resistance to chlorine in the color of the grass fiber, which guarantees its suitability for installation in areas near swimming pools.

  • If you install the artificial grass in swimming pools , it should be noted that does not produce slips or falls.

Is it possible to put an inflatable or removable pool on the lawn?

Yes, The high resilience of the tread of our artificial lawn for gardens allows you to put weight on the lawn without damaging it. If you remove the area to remove the fibers when removing them, it will recover its original appearance.

Saltwater pools are also very common today. The polyethylene that makes up our artificial grass is resistant to nitrate , therefore, any of our models of artificial grass will resist and will not suffer any damage.

How do you clean artificial grass? Is it difficult?

The maintenance of the artificial grass is very simple, you can clean with soap and water or with a hosepipe. In case you want to disinfect, you can apply a bleach solution lowered with water or even our sanitizing perfume for artificial grass.

So that you have a perfect garden all year round, you can brush it from time to time against the direction, it will be great!

Does it puncture or burn if you go barefoot?

Not at all . The soft models of artificial grass for swimming pools are more pleasant to the touch than the pointed varieties of natural grass. In addition you can keep cool all day if you add a small layer of silica sand and it gets wet occasionally with water in the sunny hours.

Do you want to see works of our artificial grass for gardens?

Why should you install TodoCESPED artificial grass ® ?

Our long history in the sector allows us to offer you personalized advice from our commercial technicians, exceptional service and superior quality products that count with a durability of more than 20 years.

Our artificial grass offers unique guarantees: resistance to chlorine, UV rays, wear, temperature… Which are endorsed by the technical tests we have carried out in research laboratories.

Furthermore, in ® we have specific artificial grass models for dogs and pets, as well as for children or civil works, among many others.

Our artificial grass has a great resilience, it is possible to place garden furniture and decorate as you like, since the grass does not deteriorate.

We have a national network of installers that can place your artificial grass, but if you want to do the installation yourself we will advise you throughout the process.

20 years of minimum duration and trials of up to 40 years in progress.

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