Artificial grass for children

Our artificial grass is especially suitable for children. In this video you can see the tests technicians we have done to certify that our artificial turf models:

They have resistance thermal, wear and moisture.

Discover our artificial grass for kids

Our artificial turf is suitable for installation on any surface where there are going to be children. These spaces will become your favorite places to play , since thanks to the density and softness of the grass, neither the falls nor the blows will harm them again.

Our models are the best solution in the market for children’s use.

More and more are the school and leisure centers that are interested in our models of artificial turf specifically for children, given their characteristics and their certificate of suitability for children’s and recreational use.

Advantages of artificial grass of TodoCESPED®

In® we are specialists in the sale and installation of artificial turf for landscaping on all types of surfaces.

With the installation of our artificial grass you will be able to save significantly in the following aspects:

  • In the time previously invested in keeping your natural grass looking good.
  • In the maintenance costs water , fertilizers or fertilizers, as well as in labor if a gardener was hired.
bebé en césped artificial

Do you want to see more installations of our artificial grass?

cesped artificial para ninos y mascotas
niños pequeños en césped artificial

Why our artificial grass is perfect for children

Wear resistance technical test

ensayo resistencia al desgaste

This test was carried out following the Standard UNE-EN 15306, in order to know the wear resistance of our artificial grass over time.

The artificial turf samples have been subjected to a simulation of 20 years of continuous use thanks to a specific machine for this, called abrasimeter .

A number of average footprints per day has been calculated to check the damage suffered throughout its useful life.

The artificial grass of TodoCESPED is resistant to everyday use, to traffic, friction… It does not suffer no change in 20 years.

Technical test of moisture resistance

We have carried out a technical test with our artificial turf, based on the Standard UNE 13744, of moisture resistance .

Artificial turf samples have been introduced into containers with high temperature water (over 70ºC) over a long period of time.

Once the test is finished, we can affirm that the fiber of our grass is totally resistant to moisture. As a consequence:

Apart from not aging or deteriorating, our artificial grass prevents the appearance of bacteria or mites.

ensayo resistencia humedad

Thermal resistance technical test

ensayo cesped artificial resistencia termica

The objective of this technical test is to identify the thermal resistance with which the artificial grass models of TodoCESPED have.

To this end, artificial turf samples have been introduced in a thermally insulated box, and have been exposed to an infrared light source. Thanks to a thermal imager, the effects of temperature variations on artificial turf have been studied.

After conducting the trial and studying the results:

Our artificial grass is very temperature resistant and has a very low thermal conductivity, so accumulates less heat. .

Artificial grass models recommended for children

It is an artificial grass with a very realistic look. In addition to its softness, it highlights the density of its fibers, which make it a very fluffy and comfortable lawn.

Artificial turf suitable for children’s use due to its perfect combination of softness and resistance, as well as a great resilience.

Model suitable for installation in homes with children. It is also a very resistant model, soft and priced according to the features it presents.

* Although these are the most recommended models for children, all models are suitable for children’s use.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is artificial grass hygienic?

Yes. Artificial grass for children is made of polyethylene, so it does not accumulate bacteria, worms or insects. It is more hygienic than natural grass or even a carpet, since it is also easy to clean (with a brush and some water it will be perfect).

In addition, it prevents the appearance of bacteria and mites, so it will not be in any way harmful to health.

Is artificial grass soft? Can it irritate children’s skin?

Yes it is very soft and also does not irritate the skin . Our softer artificial turf models have an extraordinary touch, even more pleasant than that of natural grass. They do not irritate the skin at all and are suitable for use by children of all ages. Additionally, note that all models do not produce allergies , so they are completely safe.

Do you prick or burn if you go barefoot?

No, not at all . Artificial grass for children is much nicer than natural grass, usually pointed. In addition, you can keep cool all day by adding a small layer of silica sand and occasionally wetting it with water during sunny hours.


Is it possible to place heavy objects on top?

Of course . The models of artificial grass in addition to soft are very resistant. It is possible to place all kinds of garden furniture on the lawn that will not suffer any damage. Simply brushing it will be enough to remove them so that they return to their original appearance.

Here you can solve more doubts about artificial grass.

Why should I install the artificial grass of TodoCESPED®?

In ® , we have a wide variety of artificial turf models, including the specific for children, as well as for dogs and pets , or for installation in swimming pools.

All of them are of great quality , we have technical tests carried out in R&D laboratories that certify all properties of our artificial grass.

The guarantees offered by TodoCESPED to its customers are very exclusive. Specialized professionals advise you throughout the process, and you can also request a box of free samples with your budget , which will arrive in less than 48 hours.

We have great track record in the sector and very experienced professionals. There is the option that it is the installers who carry out the installation of the artificial turf and usually, it is usually in less than two days, depending on the required work.

However, given that it is so easy to install, many individuals install their artificial turf themselves.


A minimal duration of 20 years, though there are on-going tests of even 40 years.