EVEREST 47 – The best artificial grass

The best artificial grass is the premium model of TodoCESPED.es , Everest 47.

It is an exclusive and high-end product, characterized by the high density of its fibers , as well as its height, softness and fluffiness.

Description of the artificial grass model Everest 47

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The Everest 47 artificial grass model is a soft, spongy model with an extraordinary diamond-shaped fiber density , which gives it an appearance very realistic . It is an artificial grass of maximum quality , high, vigorous and as soft as the model Aneto . It is a lawn in two shades of green and two shades of brown, with a total height of 47mm.

Combine different monofilament, straight and curly threads. Straight filaments, made of polyethylene, provide great softness. Its cream or light brown curly filaments serve as support, keeping the hair straight and upright, regaining its shape after the tread.

Without doubt the best option for the most demanding. It is one of the favorite models of children because of its great fluffiness and also cushions falls. It is a premium product unique in Spain.

It is very easy to install artificial grass , so you can do it yourself. TodoCESPED technicians will advise you throughout the process, have many years of experience in the lawn sector and are great professionals. In the same way, we provide all the necessary information to place the artificial grass correctly on our website.

We have a national network of installers that operates throughout Spain, so if you prefer that the installation of artificial turf be done by a third party we can send you to an experienced installer.

The Everest 47 model is suitable for installation in homes with pets . It is a very tough and durable lawn , so no matter how much they play on it, it will not deteriorate.

If they make their needs on artificial turf, it will be sufficient if it is cleaned with soap and water until the excrement is removed, although it is advisable to spray the affected surface with bleach lowered with water, or if preferred, with sanitizing perfume disinfectant It smells like freshly cut grass.

The artificial grass for dogs and pets of TodoCESPED is very soft and pleasant to the touch , so it does not take long to get used to it, enjoy it from the start.

The Everest 47 model is suitable for installation in homes with pool. It is an artificial grass resistant to chlorine and other chemical products, which means that even if it is installed in the surroundings of a pool it will not suffer any damage: it does not discolor, it maintains its original appearance.


Being UV resistant (a specific treatment that gives this resistance has been applied to it), artificial turf does not deteriorate its appearance despite long exposures to sunlight .


In short, you can install artificial grass in your garden and with any type of pool, whether work, inflatable, detachable or even salt water, since our artificial grass for Pools are resistant to saltpeter.

The artificial turf maintenance is virtually nil , since it does not need to be watered, cut, reseeded, etc. Thanks to the artificial turf of TodoCESPED.es , you will have a green garden all year without investing hardly any time or money.

Brushing it from time to time to counter-direction and passing it a little water to remove any adherent dust, as with any surface, will suffice.

High quality artificial grass

To find out the resistance of our artificial turf, we have developed technical tests in R&D Laboratories in which the artificial turf was subjected to simulations in extreme conditions for 20 years. Thanks to them, we can affirm that all our models are resistant to humidity, chlorine, UV rays (sunlight), high temperatures and thermal contrasts, among many others.

The most important conclusion we can draw from these tests is that the durability of our artificial turf is over 20 years.

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