PIRINEO 40 – Natural green artificial grass

This type of artificial turf of TodoCESPED, is a very exclusive model and of extraordinary quality, with a natural and leafy appearance.

It has a unique natural green color, typical of natural grass found in rainy areas in northern Spain or in the Pyrenees.

Description of the artificial grass model Pirineo 40

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Pyrenees 40 is a type of artificial grass with a very characteristic appearance, since the different shades of green that compose it make it a realistic model and natural It is very resistant, since its U-shaped fibers with central nerve combine straight and curly monofilament threads that allow it to have great resilience .

It is very dense and vigorous, it is a dense artificial grass suitable for areas where the natural grass is very green, which are usually found in the northern part of Spain. It is a very good choice in order to be installed in gardens, terraces or attics , since it has a lot of resistance and with very low maintenance retains good looks throughout the year.

Finally, note that the height of this artificial turf model is 40mm , so it is very fluffy and fluffy, as well as pleasant to the touch.

Install artificial grass is very simple in the vast majority of cases, it can be carried out by anyone without the need to be a professional installer. Thanks to the resources we provide from TodoCESPED (installation guides, video tutorials, etc.), this process does not have to present any complications.

However, it is true that certain installations must be carried out by professional installers given their complexity, especially if work is required. Therefore, we have a national network of installers professionals that covers every corner from Spain.

The use of our artificial grass by dogs, cats and other pets presents no problem. Being a product that does not accumulate bacteria , excrement cleaning can be done with a hose, or adding soap if desired (as we would clean any surface).


In addition the artificial grass is very resistant and is not damaged by its games.

The use of artificial turf in swimming pools is very common thanks to two special features: it is a chlorine resistant product and is also non-slip . It is also quite common for artificial grass to be installed in salt water pools , since saltpeter does not damage it.


In this way it can be used very close to the water without jeopardizing the color of the lawn or the integrity of the pool users due to a slip.

The artificial turf maintenance is virtually nil , since it does not need to be watered, cut, reseeded, etc. Thanks to the artificial turf of TodoCESPED.es , you will have a green garden all year without investing hardly any time or money.

Brushing it from time to time to counter-direction and passing it a little water to remove any adherent dust, as with any surface, will suffice.

High quality artificial grass

The Pyrenees 40 model, like the rest of TodoCESPED, has several quality certificates that approve its exclusive properties. The fibers that compose it have the Tencate certificate, the best in the market today.

We invest in innovation and development for all our products, with the intention of offering high quality products and with exclusive guarantees . That is why we have conducted technical tests in R&D Laboratories that verify the resistance and durability of our artificial turf.

The result obtained in the tests is that our artificial turf lasts more than 20 years with a perfect appearance, being resistant to moisture, chlorine or to UV rays, among many others.

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