PORTO 35 – Resistant artificial grass

Artificial turf of high strength and high resilience against footsteps.

Porto 35 of TodoCESPED, simulates the realism of natural grass. It is ideal for pets, areas with a lot of traffic or even have to carry furniture or heavy objects on top.

Description of artificial grass model Porto 35

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With a height of 35 mm, thanks to its high density and a spectacular aesthetic without glare, Porto 35 from TodoCESPED, offers an attractive appearance that simulates perfectly (with its shades green and brown) the realism of natural grass. It will look great wherever you install it!

Porto 35 is a tough artificial grass . A product endowed with a high recovery on footprints. Recommended on terraces with a lot of traffic or furniture, and especially for pets like dogs.

The artificial grass Porto 35 is composed of a moon-shaped fiber with a central nerve whose filaments are presented in two shades of green, plus two shades of brown, with a height of 35mm Combining different straight and curly monofilament threads.

Straight green filaments are made of polyethylene and provide soft touch. The curly filaments in earth tones serve as support, keeping the hair straight and upright, helping to regain its shape after the tread. With its combination of shapes, textures and colors, Porto 35 presents a fresh and natural look.

Porto 35 is one of the best products on sale at TodoCESPED.es for customers looking for a quality, realistic and high-strength product because they are going to be used intensively when installed in busy areas or because they have pets in their homes. Contact us to advise you, request free samples so that we can make a custom budget!

Artificial turf is very easy to install , so if you want to save on the final price you can do it yourself perfectly following the steps of our detailed Video tutorials that we have available on the TodoCESPED.es website and in the how to place the artificial grass . And if you still have some questions, with your purchase at TodoCESPED of any of our models, you can consult by phone or email to one of our support technicians who will advise you throughout the process solving your most technical questions.

But if you want to save time and a professional installation done in detail, reassuring, because we have the greatest network of installers of all Spain, who will be delighted to provide you with the best service, will approach your home or company to perform the installation of the lawn artificial that you buy in TodoCESPED.es the day that suits you.

The Porto 35 model is the best option when putting artificial grass in those homes with pet . Since it is a very tough and durable lawn , it will not deteriorate no matter how much they play on it or make their needs on artificial grass.


This is because it can be cleaned with soap and water until the excrement is removed, and for better hygiene the surface to be cleaned can be sprayed with bleach soaked in water, or if you prefer, with sanitizing perfume smelling disinfectant to freshly cut grass.


Porto 35 has a certificate of suitability for pets. Trust TodoCESPED to buy the artificial grass for dogs and pets more soft, pleasant to the touch and resistant of the moment . Porto 35 likes people and pets alike, you will immediately appreciate how they will get used to it. They enjoy it from the first moment.

The Porto 35 model meets all the requirements to install it in homes with swimming pool .


It is a very resistant model capable of perfectly supporting the existence around it elements such as chlorine, saltpeter and other chemicals present in the pools, which implies that although it is installed in the surroundings of a pool it will not suffer any damage, since it does not discolor and is able to maintain its original appearance.


In addition to being resistant to UV rays (thanks to the fact that a specific treatment that gives this special resistance has been applied), artificial grass Your appearance will not be impaired despite long exposure to sunlight.


In short, you can install artificial turf in your garden, whatever type of pool you have, whether work, inflatable, detachable or even salt water, since our artificial grass for swimming pools is resistant to saltpeter.

The artificial grass maintenance is practically minimal , forget tasks such as watering the lawn, mowing, sowing, or plucking weeds… Thanks to the artificial grass of TodoCESPED.es , you will have a green garden all year without investing hardly any time or money. It will be enough to brush it occasionally against counter-direction and to pour a little water to remove the dust that could have adhered (as with any surface) and this will be enough.


High quality artificial grass

To find out the resistance of our artificial turf, we have developed technical tests in R&D Laboratories in which the artificial turf was subjected to simulations in extreme conditions for 20 years. Thanks to them, we can affirm that all our models are resistant to humidity, chlorine, UV rays (sunlight), high temperatures and thermal contrasts, among many others.

The most important conclusion we can draw from these tests is that the durability of our artificial turf is over 20 years.

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