Artificial grass for attics

All our models of artificial turf for attics are of high quality. We have technical tests that verify that our turf is:

Wear , high temperatures and thermal constrasts (sudden changes in temperature) resistant.

Why to install artificial grass in attics

Attics in any building are of the most demanded places , that is why they enjoy a certain exclusivity. They also guarantee greater tranquility : there is not so much noise from the street and there are no neighbors above, since they occupy the top floor of the buildings.

If these penthouses have a terrace, really unique and original spaces can be created by installing artificial grass, recreating wonderful rest or leisure spaces.

The installation of artificial grass for attics is a great idea to give these areas color, recreating fresh and natural spaces in urban areas, where it would otherwise be unfeasible.

The change obtained with artificial grass is immense and, in addition, we can forget about constant maintenance since the grass does not require it to look good looking.

Sale and installation of artificial grass for attics

Do you want to see installations of our artificial grass for attics?

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Why our artificial grass is ideal for attics

Technical test for resistance to thermal contrast check todocesped ✅

Contraste Termico Ensayo

To find out the resistance of our artificial grass to the temperature contrast, we have subjected it to a technical test based on the Sahara effect.

To do this, the artificial grass samples have experienced very sudden changes in temperature (from 60º to -10º) every 5 minutes throughout a 20-year simulation.

The main conclusion we draw from this essay is that:

Despite being exposed to extreme conditions for 20 years of simulation , our grass remains intact. It is of extraordinary quality.

Technical test for Temperature resistance ✅

To find out the behavior of our artificial grass when exposed to high temperatures, we carried out a test in the laboratory in which it was subjected to powerful infrared light.

Using this infrared light and a thermal imaging camera , we were able to identify whether artificial grass absorbs heat from long exposures to sunlight or UV rays.

TodoCESPED grass does not absorb heat, does not burn.

ensayo cesped artificial resistencia termica

Technical test of resistance to wear ✅

ensayo resistencia al desgaste

Thanks to the guidelines established in the UNE-EN 15306 standard, we have developed the wear resistance test.

The test was based on the use of an abrasimeter, a machine that allows imitating continuous use and far superior to that of any installed lawn.

Despite the abrasimeter, TodoCESPED’s lawn hasn’t suffered any damage in 20 years.


How do you clean artificial grass? Is it difficult?

The artificial grass maintenance is very simple, it can be cleaned with soap and water or with a hosepipe. In case you want to disinfect, you can apply a bleach solution lowered with water or even our sanitizing perfume for artificial grass.

In order to have a perfect garden all year round, you can brush it from time to time in counter-direction, it will look great!

Is artificial grass suitable for children’s use?

Each and every model of TodoCESPED artificial grass has a certificate from suitability for child use obtained after conducting multiple laboratory tests. Children can play on the grass in a completely safe way.

Can I put heavy things on the artificial grass?

Yes, on any of our models. They are very resistant and the fibers do not crush, so their perfect appearance does not spoil despite decorating the attic with heavy furniture.

Will my pet spoil the artificial grass?

Of course not. All pets can play on the artificial grass without deterioration at all. It would also not be a problem if your pet goes on the grass as it doesn’t fade. The acidity of the urine does not harm it.

Does it puncture or burn if you go barefoot?

Not at all . The soft models of artificial grass for swimming pools are more pleasant to the touch than the pointed varieties of natural grass. In addition you can keep cool all day if you add a small layer of silica sand and it gets wet occasionally with water in the sunny hours.

Why should you install TodoCESPED artificial grass ® ?

It is well known that artificial grass has been a trend in decoration and landscaping for a few years, especially for the main advantages that can be get after your installation.

Firstly, with a quality turf like TodoCESPED, that has a very natural appearance, you can renew any space in which you install it. In the case of the attics, the installation is done in a more than simple way and, as mentioned above, requires minimal maintenance.

Our lawn has a certificate of suitability for both child and pet use, so the whole family can enjoy it without having to worry.

20 years of minimum duration and trials of up to 40 years in progress.