Artificial grass for pools

Our artificial grass is ideal for pools , whether they are built-in, removable or inflatable. In this video, we show you the tests that verify that all our models of artificial grass:

Resists moisture , chlorine and UV rays.

Why install artificial grass in swimming pools

The fibers of our artificial grass have high density, so the recovery capacity is very high. If inflatable, detachable pools or garden furniture are placed on the artificial grass, it will not be damaged.

With a brushing against the direction it will be enough to recover the original position of the fibers when swimming pools or other belongings are removed from the artificial grass.

In this way, the artificial grass will look its neat and realistic appearance again, without any marks.

At® we are specialists in selling and artificial grass installation landscaper.

Focused on homes and neighboring communities with gardens and swimming pools, our artificial grass is a fantastic solution to install it in any type of pool:

Public, private, covers …

Our artificial grass models have a minimum duration of 20 years.

Do you want to see installations of our artificial grass for swimming pools?

foto piscina con césped artificial
Hotel Pool
Artificial Grass Pool

Why our artificial grass is ideal for swimming pools

Chlorine resistance technical test

ensayo cesped artificial resistencia al cloro

A technical test based on the ISO 105 E3 Standard, has been carried out to find out the resistance to chlorine of the fibers of our artificial grass. The simulated situation in the test is that of an artificial grass installed in a pool or in very humid and rainy areas.

After immersing grass samples in water with a chlorine concentration very higher than any swimming pool, the conclusion was:

The color of the fibers of artificial grass from TodoCESPED ® is not affected by chlorine.

Technical test for resistance to humidity

This test has been developed according to UNE 13744 Standard, to find out the resistance to humidity of our artificial grass.

What has been done in the trial has been accelerated aging by immersion in water , with different samples of our artificial grass.

After immersing and keeping the samples in these containers with water over 70º , we can affirm that:

The fiber of our artificial grass does not deteriorate on surfaces near pools despite humidity.

ensayo resistencia humedad

Technical test for UV resistance

cesped artificial resistente a la luz solar

This technical test has been carried out following the UNE-EN 14836 Standard, with which the resistance of our artificial grass to sunlight is evaluated.

The grass samples have been subjected to radiation from ultraviolet rays , which simulates the continuous use of artificial grass while being exposed to sunlight in extreme conditions .

After an 18-week trial, we can conclude that:

Our artificial grass does not suffer any alteration of its color base despite long exposures.

Recommended pool models

Of all the available ones, it is the one with the best value for money. It combines softness and resistance, making it the ideal model for home use.

Realistic 40mm artificial grass: it is a natural green model, very thick and resistant. In addition, it is very soft and comfortable, ideal for any use.

It is an artificial grass model characterized by its softness, which is why it is recommended for children’s use and also in gardens with swimming pools.

* Although they are the most recommended models for swimming pools, all the models of can be installed on surfaces with swimming pools.


Is artificial grass damaged by chlorine?

No . Its polyethylene fiber is resistant to chlorine in swimming pools and many other diluted chemicals, so there is no danger that it will spoil or lose color due to contact with water. ® has a technical test for resistance to chlorine in the color of the grass fiber, which guarantees its suitability for installation in nearby areas in swimming pools.

Is our artificial grass resistant to salt in saltwater pools?

More and more swimming pools are salt water instead of containing chlorine-treated water. The polyethylene that makes up our artificial grass is resistant to nitrate , therefore, if your pool is saltwater our artificial grass fits perfectly in your garden as will not suffer any damage : neither spoils nor discolors. It will be kept in perfect condition throughout the year.

Is there a danger of slipping?

No , because artificial grass has great grip that prevents slips and falls from occurring. Obviously, there is a risk of slipping like on any other surface used around swimming pools (wood, tile…), but in no case is it more dangerous.

That is why our artificial pool grass is ideal for children to play safely and calmly.

Is it possible to put an inflatable or removable pool on top?

Yes, the high resilience of the tread of our artificial pool turf allows you to put weight on it without damaging it. In addition, when you decide to remove them, it will be enough to brush the area to re-raise the fibers. It will be as recently put.

Does it puncture or burn if you go barefoot?

Not at all . The soft models of artificial grass for swimming pools are more pleasant to the touch than the pointed varieties of natural grass. In addition you can keep cool all day if you add a small layer of silica sand and it gets wet occasionally with water in the sunny hours.

Why should you install TodoCESPED artificial grass ® ?

At ® , we have specific artificial grass models for dogs and pets , as well as for children .

The advantages and properties of our artificial grass are endorsed by the tests and certificates that our models have.

Our artificial grass has great resistance , it is possible to place heavy objects on top such as furniture or pools inflatable. All models have great resilience , especially after footsteps.

We have spent years in this sector , our professionals have extensive experience . In addition, we offer the option that our team of installers carry out the installation of the artificial grass in a period of less than two days.

Since it is easy to install, many individuals carry out the installation themselves. Get in touch with us, we explain how to do it.


20 years of minimum duration and trials of up to 40 years in progress.

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