Artificial grass installation

We specialize in putting artificial turf in detail.

National network of installers

In TodoCESPED we count with professional installers near you, capable of installing artificial grass on any surface.

We will put you in touch with trusted professionals , whose experience in the field of artificial turf and the multiple installations carried out by each of them endorse them.

If you want, you can check installation photos in our photo section: before and after, in garden, terrace and attics, public works, etc. to see the precision with which they work.

Profesionales Todocesped

Custom artificial grass installation projects

We have the efficiency, service and personalized service present in all the actions we do with our clients, since we believe it is the way to establish a business relationship.



Especially regarding the use that will be given to artificial turf.

We advise you between the different models depending on the surface on which it will be installed, if it is going to be a very frequented area, if there is going to be children or pets pool


Within 24-48 hours, as a TodoCESPED customer you will already have a personalized quote and a free sample box with all models.

So you can decide which of them could fit more to meet your needs according to their appearance.


If you send us the measurements of the surface, we will recreate the space in 3D to know The exact meters. The installer can visit the surface before purchase.

The rolls are 2m wide, so you have to fit it to minimize waste.


Once you have purchased and received the lawn, the professional installer will arrive at the agreed time and place to place the artificial grass on the surface .

In general, this process has a very short duration, but the characteristics and complexity of the terrain must be taken into account.