Artificial grass for dogs

In TodoCESPED we produce artificial turf models specially designed for dogs:

  • Soft
  • Antibacterial
  • Resistant
  • High drainage
  • It doesn’t accumulate so much heat

We’ve prepared technical essays that certificate its pet fitness.

Discover our new artificial grass for dogs

Your dog will love our artificial grass!

The special TodoCESPED models for pets are soft, fluffy and very resistant: your dog will be able to play and run and the grass will continue to look the same as the first day.

In addition, being artificial prevents the appearance of insects or bacteria and does not cause irritation .

How to clean up dog’s pee

If your dog pees on the artificial grass, there will be no problem!

The acidity of the urine does not deteriorate our lawn and will not remain unpleasant odors.

Cleaning the artificial grass when your dog has done his needs is very simple, just pass soap and water to remove dirt. To disinfect it, you can apply a solution of bleach lowered with water or our antibacterial sanitizing perfume.

Pis De Perro Cesped Artificial

Do you want to see more dogs and pets in our artificial grass?

perros en cesped artificial resistente
cesped artificial para perros
cesped artificial para perros

Advantages of the artificial grass of TodoCESPED®

  • Forget the footprints and mud inside your home! When your dog plays in the garden, it won’t get so dirty.
  • Green garden, beautiful and well kept all year long, no worries!
  • Very fluffy : the perfect place for your dog to enjoy his moments of calm.

The installation of our artificial grass will allow you to save time and money , since almost does not need maintenance.

The materials with which our dog lawn is manufactured are of high quality and acidity resistant of urine. They will not lose color or yellow over time.

The grass is resistant to UV rays, moisture and chlorine, and its latex base does not deform with temperature changes. It is fire resistant and anti static electricity.

Why our artificial turf is perfect for dogs

Moisture resistance technical test

To find out the moisture resistance of our artificial turf we have developed a test in the R&D Laboratory as set out in Norma UNE 13744.

For a long period of time, artificial turf samples have been kept submerged in water at more than 70 ° C.

After removing the artificial turf from these containers, the impact of the simulation on each of the samples has been analyzed:

Our artificial grass is resistant to the effects of moisture. Consequently, it will prevent bacteria, mites …

Wear resistance technical test

To know the resistance of our artificial turf to wear and abrasion, we carry out a technical test under the guidelines of Standard UNE-EN 15306.

Thanks to the abrasimeter, which is the machine used to simulate the daily use of artificial turf, the effects of constant use have been studied for 20 years, to know the wear suffered by artificial turf.

Our artificial turf has not aged or undergone any change in its appearance. Even if your dog plays on it, the grass will not suffer any damage.

Thermal resistance technical test

We have developed in the R&D laboratory a study on the thermal resistance of our artificial turf.

The different samples of the artificial grass of TodoCESPED have been subjected to a long exposure of infrared light, to analyze their behavior before thermal variations with a thermal imager.

We can conclude after the trial:

We have lawn models with great thermal resistance and low conductivity , accumulates less heat.

Artificial grass models recommended for dogs

35mm strong artificial grass with high recovery. Recommended on busy terraces, if there is furniture, or pets.

Dense artificial grass. 40 mm unique natural green color and vigorous appearance. Ideal for gardens in rainy areas and mountains.

Realistic artificial grass, with different shades and high footstep recovery. Ideal in gardens and terraces with pets.

* Although they are the most recommended models for dogs, all models of are suitable for pets.

That’s how happy your dog will be with our artificial grass!

cesped artificial para mascotas
cesped artificial para perros
Perro Jugando Cesped Artificial
Cesped Artificial Perros Pequeños
Cesped Artificial Para Perros
Cesped Artificial Jardin Perro
Cesped Artificial Mascota
Cesped Artificial Perrito
Cesped Artificial Perro Chiquitin

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my dog be comfortable with artificial grass?

Yes. Artificial grass is compatible with dogs and any other pet. The surfaces on which they are installed are automatically transformed into renovated spaces, which look good. In addition, TodoCESPED models are very soft, so it will be one of their favorite places to play. The soft touch of the lawn makes it pleasant and comfortable, so much that they will feel it just like us on our feet. If it is very hot and it is in the sun, with a hose it is enough to cool it.

What happens if our pet spider or bite it?

As they are not natural grass they do not tend to scratch or bite the grass, since when they realize that they cannot dig in the grass they will let it be. However, our grass is very resistant and will withstand all games and scratches of pets without any problem.

Is artificial grass easy to clean? How is the dog’s pee cleaned from the lawn?

Artificial grass is very simple to clean. If your dog pees on the artificial grass there would be no problem, our grass prevents odors and stains. If it poops, it would be enough to remove the excrement and clean the area with water and some soap. To disinfect it completely, it can be cleaned with bleach lowered with water or even with sanitizing perfume, so we make sure it is disinfected.

The acidity of the urine does not affect them, the material is of high quality and perfectly resists acidity, it is perfectly prepared for it so it will not lose color or spoil. In short, when our pets do, we must rinse with a hose and go.

Is it possible to place heavy objects on top?

Of course. The artificial grass models are more than resistant. In fact, it is possible to place any garden furniture no matter how heavy it is on the lawn, such as doghouses, swimming pools, or the like, that it will not suffer any damage. Simply brushing it will be enough to remove them so that they return to their original appearance.


Does the TodoCESPED artificial grass serve for Agility practice?

Perfectly. You can use our artificial turf to install it on the floor of Agility competitions and tournaments. It will comply perfectly as a surface for sports and in addition the dogs will be 100% safe and very comfortable at all times. It is ideal.

Why should I install artificial grass of TodoCESPED®?

The artificial grass models of are characterized by their quality. We have certificates that approve their properties, characteristics and uses, such as CE, ISO 14001 or ISO 9001.

Our technical tests carried out in the R&D laboratory test the resistance of our artificial turf to moisture, wear or temperature, among others. Thus we can guarantee the adequacy of our artificial grass for dogs.

All our lawn models adapt to specific uses, such as artificial turf for swimming pools, artificial turf for children or artificial turf for business.

Our experience in the sector and the thousands of satisfied customers we have endorse us. We have installers throughout Spain that perform the installation and you can also do it yourself with our advice.


A minimal duration of 20 years. We’re preparing tests for 40 years of duration.

Cesped Artificial Calidad Terraza