Aínsa 27 – Economic artificial grass

Aínsa 27 mm is an economical, realistic and good quality artificial turf model adapted to all pockets.

We recommend this artificial turf for busy areas, events, public works and common areas: it keeps its appearance in good condition.

Description of artificial grass model Aínsa 27

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Softness of artificial grass          ESTRELLA EnteraESTRELLA EnteraESTRELLA EnteraESTRELLA MediaESTRELLA Vacia

Resistance of artificial grass      ESTRELLA EnteraESTRELLA EnteraESTRELLA EnteraESTRELLA EnteraESTRELLA Media

Recovery of artificial grass  ESTRELLA EnteraESTRELLA EnteraESTRELLA EnteraESTRELLA EnteraESTRELLA Entera

The artificial grass model Aínsa 27 has a realistic and dense look , with an average height that makes it suitable for replacing natural grass on any surface . It is a model with great resistance and recovery on footfalls. As for its appearance, it combines two shades of green and a brown shade at the base that make it so similar to the natural one.

The Aínsa grass is 27mm high and combines different monofilament threads with C-shaped fiber.

It’s a durable and nice model that doesn’t require spend more than necessary . Because of its price and resistance, this artificial turf is highly recommended for common areas of urbanizations, surfaces with traffic, terraces and gardens with furniture. Also in a decorative way in public works, roundabouts, medians, etc. It is a model that does not deteriorate despite continued use.

The installation of artificial turf is very simple, so you can do it yourself if you follow the indications and recommendations that we have collected in our Artificial grass installation guide (in Spanish).

If you prefer to have the installation done by a professional you only have to request it: we have a national network of installers that operates nationwide.

The Aínsa 27 model is suitable for use by your dog or pet . It is a very tough and durable lawn , so no matter how much you play on it, it won’t break down.

If your dog makes his needs on artificial grass, it can be cleaned with soap and water until the excrement is removed or even sprayed on the surface with bleach lowered with water. Optionally you can use the sanitizing perfume as a disinfectant that smells like freshly cut grass.

All our models are pleasant to the touch , so it won’t take long to get used to them, and will enjoy it from the first moment.

The artificial grass model Aínsa 27 is fully suitable for installation in homes with pools. It is an artificial grass resistant to chlorine and other chemical products, so even if it is installed in the surroundings of a pool it will not suffer any year: it does not lose color, it maintains its original appearance. In addition, it is not affected by saltpeter from salt water pools.


Being UV resistant , artificial grass is not damaged despite long exposure to solar radiation. To achieve this resistance, a special finish has been applied and subsequently tested in the laboratory.


In conclusion, you will be able to install artificial grass in your garden and with any type of swimming pool, whether work, inflatable, detachable or even salt water.

Artificial turf requires virtually no maintenance. It will no longer be necessary to cut it, water it or sow it every year. Thanks to the artificial turf of TodoCESPED.es , you will have a green garden all year without investing hardly any time or money.

It is only convenient to brush it occasionally with a hard bristle brush and occasionally pour a little water to remove any adherent dust, just like any surface , it will be enough.

High quality and economic artificial grass

To know the real resistance of our artificial turf, we have developed technical tests in an independent laboratory in which the artificial turf was subjected to simulations in extreme conditions for 20 years. Thanks to them, we can now say that all our models are resistant to chlorine, humidity, solar radiation (UV rays), high temperatures and thermal contrast, among others.

In conclusion we can say that the durability of our artificial turf is over 20 years.

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