Formigal 30 mm model

Cesped Artificial Muy Economico

Our Formigal 30mm model recovers very quickly from foot traffic, it is realistic and very dense.

Its height and quality make it an ideal model both for gardens and for housing developments or pools. Its great recovery and resistance capabilities make it look very good.

30mm | 4 colors | Anti-static electricity | Fire reaction tests

Description of the Formigal 30mm Artificial Grass Model

Height of artificial grass ESTRELLA EnteraESTRELLA EnteraESTRELLA EnteraESTRELLA MediaESTRELLA Vacia

Softness of artificial grass ESTRELLA EnteraESTRELLA EnteraESTRELLA EnteraESTRELLA VaciaESTRELLA Vacia

Resistance of artificial grass ESTRELLA EnteraESTRELLA EnteraESTRELLA EnteraESTRELLA Entera

The Formigal artificial grass model stands 30mm tall, making it an ideal model for landscaping and decoration. We highlight its great recovery to footfall, as this feature allows the artificial grass to quickly recover its original position and maintain a good appearance even if the area is heavily trafficked or used extensively. Therefore, it is the perfect model to transform surfaces that will be used: gardens, terraces, common areas, etc.

It combines threads of 4 colors, 2 green and 2 brown with U-shaped fiber with a central vein. Along with its 30mm height, these features make Formigal 30 look very similar to natural grass.

Where do we recommend placing this model? In common areas of housing developments, areas with heavy traffic and, of course, in decoration. It’s great for large gardens, with a pool (whether it’s built-in, inflatable or removable). Since its appearance doesn’t change despite continuous use, it’s great if you have pets or children who play a lot on the surface.

30mm High-Quality Artificial Grass

To truly understand the resilience of our artificial grass, we have developed technical trials in an independent laboratory where the artificial grass was subjected to simulations under extreme conditions for 20 years. Thanks to these tests, we can now affirm that all our models are resistant to chlorine, moisture, solar radiation (UV rays), high temperatures, and thermal contrast, among others.

In conclusion, we can affirm that the durability of our artificial grass exceeds 20 years

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Installations of the Formigal 30 Artificial Grass Model

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