DECOR Verde – Artificial grass carpet

Moqueta césped artificial 6 mm color verde

The best artificial grass carpet for decorating events, indoor and outdoor spaces is 7mm Decor Verde from

If you want to put a super-economical and rugged carpet-style artificial grass, then Decor Verde is the model of artificial grass you need to install. Buy just the meters you need at TodoCESPED.

Fácil instalación

Buen drenaje

Tratamiento anti-UV

Durabilidad mayor de 20 años

Resistente a la decoloración e intemperie

Descripction of artificial grass carpet model Decor Verde

Altura del césped artificial               ESTRELLA EnteraESTRELLA MediaESTRELLA VaciaESTRELLA VaciaESTRELLA Vacia

Suavidad del césped artificial          ESTRELLA EnteraESTRELLA EnteraESTRELLA MediaESTRELLA VaciaESTRELLA Vacia

Densidad del césped artificial          ESTRELLA EnteraESTRELLA EnteraESTRELLA EnteraESTRELLA EnteraESTRELLA Media

Resistencia del césped artificial      ESTRELLA EnteraESTRELLA EnteraESTRELLA EnteraESTRELLA EnteraESTRELLA Media

Recuperación del césped artificial  ESTRELLA EnteraESTRELLA EnteraESTRELLA EnteraESTRELLA EnteraESTRELLA Media

DECOR Verde 1

Decor Verde is a short-haired lawn , special for decoration. Used indoors, fairs, shop windows, balconies …

This is a 7mm carpet type grass made of polypropylene. UV treated to prolong the color duration. Easy to install, no professional installation is necessary.

It is mainly used to give a green appearance and modify the texture in both exterior and interior spaces , but without presenting the appearance of natural grass.

With Decor Verde you will have an artificial turf carpet format capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions for a price that is most economical . Decor Verde is manufactured with a drainage system to evacuate water easily and has sun-resistant properties that will not require maintenance.

Decor Verde is available in several colors so you can use it as an artificial grass carpet for everything your imagination is able to create with it . Decorate and enjoy, Decor Verde is made for you Request your budget now at We ship to all Spain!

The Decor Verde artificial grass carpet is extremely easy to install , so you can do the installation without complications.

You will also have the help of our specialist technicians when you buy your Green Decor lawn with TodoCESPED. You also have help materials on our website, so you can place the lawn artificial following the step-by-step instructions in detail.

If you prefer, we have a national network of installers that operates throughout Spain, to perform installations for customers. Contact us to send you a detailed quote.

Brushing it from time to time to counter-direction and passing it a little water to remove the dust that can adhere will be more than enough, you can rest easy. If you wish you can even vacuum it or even pass the mop, having a short grass fiber this type of artificial grass style carpet or carpet will be most comfortable. For more information, see the artificial grass maintenance section (in Spanish) and request a quote.

TodoCESPED artificial grass carpets are ideal for indoor or outdoor use, perfectly compatible also with the existence of pets, garden, patios , porches , or use within stores or canopies of parties, events or weddings . They are also ideal for deploying as carpets in campsites, picnic areas and other outdoor leisure activities.

These artificial grass rugs are made of artificial outdoor grass with drainage holes in the rubber backing. The grass is made of 100% polypropylene, the synthetic grass area is strong enough to withstand daily use and normal foot traffic.

The synthetic grass carpet resists fading for durability. This is a beautiful and smart choice for a variety of indoor or outdoor areas.

The best artificial grass carpet for decoration

At we are specialists in the manufacture, marketing and distribution of artificial turf. Trust us and buy a high quality product at affordable prices that will be very useful for decorating and achieving aesthetic spaces with great results.

Professionalism, service, personalization and better price are some of our distinctive signs. Buy at the artificial grass model Decor Verde and enjoy a unique accompaniment at all times from beginning to end.

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