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Landscape fabric

Landscape weed barrier fabric made of polypropylene. Used to cover all types of soil in order to avoid the appearance of weeds and brush.

From TodoCESPED.es we recommend placing the anti-grass mesh in the installation of artificial turf on ground, so natural grass or weeds will not grow again.

FORMAT: 2,10 x 100 m or cut to measure

Landscape fabric description

The landscape fabric that from TodoCESPED.es we put at your disposal is of great resistance. It is made of polypropylene and has fantastic properties that make it a high quality product. Ideal to place it on any soil where weeds usually grow, as well as in those gardens where, before installing artificial grass, natural grass used to grow. In this way we will avoid lumps and turf removal.

In addition, favors drainage of artificial grass, making it an essential material for this type of installation.

Placing the anti-grass mesh covering the entire surface on which the lawn is to be installed, is the best way to ensure that the lawn installation is successful. The amount of landscape fabric required, therefore, will be equivalent to the total number of meters the surface has, since no area can be left uncovered.

Other outstanding characteristics are its high resistance to breakage, UV rays and its great durability.

TodoCESPED landscape fabric
TodoCESPED landscape fabric

How is the landscape fabric installed?

To install it correctly, you must extend the landscape fabric and fix it with nails every meter so that it does not move. Double the edges and make sure that it is well attached to the ground.

For a correct installation, it is convenient to overlap the weed barrier strips about 10cm apart.

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