Why TodoCESPED is going to be your artificial grass?

Discover our exclusive guarantees and advantages

Guarantees such as quality, speed of sale and installation, good service and excellent prices are the identity mark of TodoCESPED.

Thousands of private customers and the leading companies in the country trust us every year to decorate their gardens, terraces, offices and spaces for events.

Put artificial grass in your life, you will get:

Devote to your hobbies the time you spent mowing your lawn

You will be able to enjoy the tranquility that these spaces transmit and take advantage of your time as you prefer. Areas with artificial grass are ideal for resting, playing sports or just hanging out, whether in a garden, on a terrace or in an attic.

Take advantage of this time to enjoy your family and friends

On weekends you can spend quality time with your children , and also, a surface that has artificial grass installed is ideal for playing safely . You can also invite your friends home and prepare them a dinner in your new garden, they will love it!

You will forget about the workload of maintaining natural grass. With artificial grass this obligation disappears, since the necessary care is minimal and it maintains an excellent appearance throughout the year.


You will forget about the workload of maintaining natural grass. With artificial grass this obligation disappears, since the necessary care is minimal and it maintains an excellent appearance throughout the year.


End natural grass problems

  • Artificial grass maintenance is minimal.
  • Our turf will allow you to have a green garden all year round
  • With this lawn, no bushes, weeds or annoying insects will appear

Get a new place to enjoy :

Recover that terrace or patio that is no longer used and rediscover a place that you can all take advantage of, and that perhaps until now you had not considered. Install artificial grass , add a touch of decoration depending on your tastes and the surface in question, and… make unique these forgotten spaces!

The results after the installation of artificial grass are usually very satisfactory for the owners, and not only on an aesthetic or decorative level. They turn the surface in question into a place where relax and enjoy.


What will you save when installing artificial grass?

  • In the water necessary to periodically water it
  • In necessary chemicals , such as fertilizers, herbicides and fertilizers …
  • In lawn mower or machinery necessary for your care and fuel
  • In labor if you have hired a third party to take care of it

The investment made when buying artificial grass will pay off in a very short time. In just a few years you will benefit from a very significant saving . The amount of money you will stop spending on natural grass is impressive.

Enjoy where and with whom you want

Artificial grass is usually placed on terraces, attics, gardens … In other words, surfaces that are generally open and, therefore, ideal for meetings family or friends. Take advantage of them.

Furthermore, at TodoCESPED we have studies and tests that certify all the properties of our models. We offer you approved artificial grass .

One of the biggest advantages of artificial grass is that anyone can enjoy it. In addition, at TodoCESPED we have models suitable for people with pets and areas with swimming pools , given their great resistance.

We adapt to your needs

Artificial grass is the ideal surface for children’s use: soft and resistant. If the children play and fall, they will not suffer strong blows or scratches, the grass will cushion it.

If you have a pool, the artificial grass is perfect for its surroundings. In addition, the turf is totally resistant to chlorine , so even if water splashes it, it will not lose its color, since it will not harm .

Pets like artificial grass , especially dogs and cats . They will be able to play in it as much as they want, the artificial grass will not spoil. If they did their needs in it, it would be enough to wash the affected surface and disinfect it if necessary.

The grass is not crushed by the weight and thanks to its resistance it will not be deformed by crushing. Once the inflatable pool or garden furniture has been removed, all you have to do is brush the artificial grass to recover its original appearance and perfect appearance.

Exclusive guarantess at TodoCESPED


We have many years of experience in the sector, being leader in it. Great clients already support us.


High quality product and professional installers with extensive experience, to achieve the best result.


We send you your personalized quote according to your needs, without obligation, in less than 24 hours.


We send you a free sample box of all artificial grass models in your home, in 24 – 48 hours.


Free and personalized, to help you choose the best artificial grass according to your tastes and interests.


Based on lab tests with minimal maintenance, your lawn will last you over 20 years.


We have laboratory R&D studies and tests that certify our products.


Buy the required meters. Professionals who design the decorative proposal and make custom cuts.


If your order is over 150€, we will send it to you free of charge anywhere in Spain (peninsula).


National Network of professional installers. With their help we reach all corners of Spain.


It is totally immediate, since the grass arrives ready to be installed, cut to size. You will not waste time.


In 48-72 working hours the order is received, ready to be installed. Seriousness and punctuality in deliveries.


All TodoCESPED artificial grass models have a minimum durability of 20 years. At TodoCESPED we offer you artificial grass with the best value for money on the market.

We have carried out technical tests in our R&D laboratories, to find out the resistance of our artificial grass to different factors to which it may be exposed to throughout its useful life, as is the case of humidity, chlorine, thermal contrasts, high temperatures, wear, etc.

Best companies trust us

Companies with TodoCESPED
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We offer you only the best in the market

All our models enjoy great softness due to the materials that make up their fibers. They also provide a realistic look and an extremely careful appearance .

The different types of artificial grass from TodoCESPED are very resistant , especially to footsteps . In addition, the lawn is not affected if heavy objects are placed on it, since it has great resilience.

We have conducted tests that guarantee a minimum duration of our lawn of 20 years. Trials of up to 40 years are ongoing.

Our certificates: