Maintenance and cleaning of artificial grass

One of the main advantages offered by artificial grass is that maintenance is minimal, thanks to its composition and its high-quality materials.

In this video we explain how to clean the artificial grass.

However, like everything else, it is good to do some basic care for maintenance and cleaning so that the lawn maintains its appearance and is kept in the best conditions for as long as possible.

Getting to extend the life of our lawn and improve its appearance is as simple as following these little tips that we explain below. If you want to know more information about the characteristics of our artificial grass, or consult the answer to the most frequently asked questions, click on the following link .

Artificial grass maintenance

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To keep the lawn intact and make it look the same as it did on the day of installation we recommend:

  • Brush artificial turf periodically. Doing it in the opposite direction to the fibers, we will lift them and clean the deposited organic matter. We will also reposition the silica sand.
  • Water it. Once a month or every two months should be enough and this will help us keep it clean. In summer, we can do it more frequently since this way we can lower the temperature. Moisture is deposited in the silica sand and maintains the usual freshness of a natural lawn. Watering is not recommended if temperatures are below freezing since ice can wear down the latex base over the years.

If you water the lawn from time to time it will be cooler on it and you will make sure that the color properties are maintained for a longer time. You will also prevent stains from embedding and extend the life of your artificial grass.

  • From time to time, it is advisable to apply a sanitizing perfume to prevent bugs or bacteria from settling on the lawn. They are usually lowered chemicals to avoid damaging it. We recommend applying our product, TodoCESPED’s sanitizing perfume, which in addition to ensuring a lawn free of bacteria, gives it the smell of freshly cut grass.
  • Silica sand replenishment . With wind and traffic, sand can accumulate on one site, move around, or even decrease the amount of it. It is therefore recommended to replace it. This will keep the grass upright. Before you start, brush and water the surface. Subsequently, apply the new layer to fill in the empty holes and thus take care of the level of charge, which must be equitable.

Other tips for maintaining artificial grass

  • If a containment mesh was placed in the installation to prevent weeds from growing out, you should have no problems. In any case, you can always spray herbicide on the surface and thus eliminate the few weeds that may arise.
  • What not it is advisable to park the car on the artificial grass. If it is occasionally, nothing would happen, the problem arises if you park frequently, as car fluids can damage and discolor the lawn due to its strong chemical content. Oils, gasoline and other components of our vehicles can completely damage the lawn.
  • Furniture from the garden does not have to damage the lawn or mow it. Thanks to the high recovery and flexibility of the fibers, with a brush you will be like new. Yes, we must be careful and not drag the furniture, since they can jump filaments and leave some area with bald spots. For this reason, we do recommend that when moving heavy furniture on the lawn, avoid dragging it as much as possible, or at least we recommend using cleats or rugs that help us do so while making sure not to damage the artificial grass.
  • Watch out for barbecues . Artificial grass is fire resistant and will not catch fire. But it is true that from 80 degrees it begins to melt. This means that if an ember falls on the grass it will not cause a fire, but a burn in the area where it has fallen. To avoid these situations, we recommend leaving a space without grass to put the barbecue, or put between the grass and the barbecue some material that protects it, such as stone slabs or fireproof rugs.
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How to clean artificial grass?

Cleaning the lawn is very easy, as it usually gets dirty for the following reasons:

  • Dust and dirt particles.
  • Organic food or remains
  • Pet droppings

And all of them are easily solved, watch this video where we explain how to clean the lawn!

If you have any questions:

Clean artificial grass with soap and water

This solution is perfect for organic stains and food or drink stains that have been spilled on the lawn. Similarly, if you have a pet and has peed on the artificial grass you can apply this mixture to remove the smell of urine from the lawn.

Clean artificial grass with water and bleach/ammonia

These solutions are recommended only for stains that are really difficult to clean, as they are very strong products to apply on the lawn. Therefore, in case of using them, they must be lowered in abundant water . This will not discolor the lawn.


Vacuum clean artificial grass

You can vacuum the lawn to remove dust or sediment deposited on the lawn. When using the vacuum cleaner, we recommend that the power is not too high, thus preventing the hairs from falling out of the artificial grass.

Clean artificial grass with sanitizing perfume

Use perfume sanitizer is a quick and easy solution for cleaning your lawn. It is an ideal product if you have children or pets, since it is antibacterial and disinfects the surface. This artificial grass cleaning product has a plus: smells like freshly cut grass!

If you want more information about products that you can use to clean artificial grass: click here!

Artificial grass cleaning

Lawn cleaning is quick and easy. It is possible to keep the lawn clean and beautiful with little effort. It is important to remove the stains in time, since if they solidify or couple to the artificial grass, then it will be more difficult to remove them and that the grass recovers the same aspect. That is why we recommend watering your lawn from time to time.

  • Dry leaves. It is a matter of aesthetics and appearance, dry leaves are not a risk situation for the lawn. During the fall, dry leaves can fall in your garden, to collect them we recommend that you use our < strong> special comber for artificial grass. This way you make sure that you do not damage or tear the grass and that it is clean of organic matter. If you don’t already have a comber, even if it is not as effective, you can also use a rake. A trick to finish earlier is to moisten the rake, so the leaves will stick and you will invest less effort.
  • Dust and residues from the environment. When you are outdoors it is normal to accumulate dust and organic remains that may be in the environment. It is common for small ants and spiders to die and to stay between the filaments. To clean it, it would be enough to hose down and brush it.
  • Organic stains . If we drop some food, drink, or any other type of stain, we can clean it with soap and water, rinse with the hose and… done!
  • Chewing gum have always been an enemy wherever they fall. In the case of artificial grass, it is advisable to apply ice or pressurized water. But this last option can make the silica sand move, so it is less recommended since later we would have to replace it.
  • For extreme cases where we have “impossible” spots to remove, we recommend applying a water solution with 3% ammonia and rinsing with water clean. Adding strong chemicals to artificial grass without lowering is totally inadvisable, but if there is no other choice, if it is applied too dilute in water it will not discolor the lawn.



  • For cleaning, a “hose” is enough to remove any dirt that may accumulate on the surface .
  • Use a rake to brush the grass , if possible, of hard plastic bristles.
  • Moisten eventually the support with water , more often in hot weather.
  • You can use our sanitizer perfume with the smell of freshly cut grass periodically on the lawn. This will eliminate any bacteria.

Stain removal and cleaning

  • To remove gum, use ice or pressurized water.
  • For stains of any kind, clean first with water and then scrub with soap and water.
  • For extra-strong stains , use a 3% solution of ammonia in water.
  • Organic waste can be cleaned with water and white vinegar.
  • Beware of barbecues . Embers can melt grass if they fall on top.

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