Certified quality artificial grass

Quality artificial grass, how do you know if a lawn model is good?

When comparing different models of artificial turf it is very common that terms such as CE Marking, ISO, specific certificates of key performance and technical concepts come to light, but … Do you know what they mean?

We tell you what aspects you should consider when buying good quality artificial turf, take note!

Cesped Artificial Calidad Certificada

What guarantees that an artificial grass is of quality

Artificial grass does not discolor

1. Long sun exposure, if you are exposed to UV radiation for a long time, may discolor. That’s why our lawn is ready to last 20 without problems.

2. Continued use . If you have artificial grass installed on any surface, it is possible that over time it may lose color. Do not worry! We have developed a technical test that shows that with our lawn that does not happen.

3. Meteorological conditions. If it rains, snows or freezes it is important that you select a good lawn model, like ours, check them out this link !

1. Quality grass has the CE marking and is fire resistant

The CE Marking endorses the Regulations European in the market and certifies the quality of the products. An artificial grass that is marked with the CE seal indicates that:

  • The artificial grass is fire resistant
  • It is made of materials that do not pollute the environment. < / li>
  • Does not contain toxic products for children, animals or pets.
  • It is 100% quality.

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2. UV treatment

Make sure that the artificial grass you choose is protected from solar radiation! You have to keep in mind that artificial turf is usually installed in outdoor areas or where it suffers long sun exposure and, if it is not of good quality, UV rays can damage it.

To prevent the grass from discoloration prematurely, at TodoCESPED we have applied to our artificial grass models a special treatment that protects it from lightning UV.

The surface on which you install our artificial grass will maintain its perfect appearance over time, because all our models have:

UV treatment Technical test of UV resistance : our artificial grass does not discolor in 20 years of exposure to the sun.

3. Durability of artificial turf

Artificial turf throughout its useful life is exposed to several factors that can damage it, such as humidity, chlorine, or temperature contrasts. It is also necessary to take into account the wear and tear of artificial turf as a result of its use, so it is important for busy areas that the grass is very resistant to abrasion. In short, if the artificial grass is of quality it will last for many years!

According to the technical tests we have carried out in research laboratories our lawn has a duration of more than 20 years.

4. Certificates and technical tests in research laboratories

In TodoCESPED we have carried out technical tests to certify that our grass is resistant to all the factors that, depending on where it is installed, could favor its aging.

Here are some resistance tests performed with our lawn:

  • Wear and abrasion
  • Chlorine and humidity
  • Sudden changes in temperature
  • Extreme temperatures – Sahara Effect
  • UV rays and long sun exposure
  • Fire

Our grass resists over 20 YEARS in perfect condition.

5. Artificial turf base

The basis of artificial grass is a key factor that determines the quality of each model.

At TodoCESPED we work with the Sigmaplus® base, which is manufactured under the strictest standards of quality as per the regulations ISO 9001, ISO 14001, UNE EN 14041 and UNE EN 13501-1. In addition, Sigmaplus® has undergone multiple tests, simulations and tests in research laboratories that certify the effectiveness of its innovative formula, pioneer in the artificial grass backing sector.

Do you want to know more information about the Sigmaplus® base? Contact us!

6. Fiber composition and thread quality

In the artificial grass manufacturing process the best materials should be used. Only then will the best properties be achieved! Quality artificial grass contains polyethylene and polypropylene fibers, since they are materials that provide greater elasticity and strength. Polyamide can also be used, but since it shines a lot, we don’t work it.

Low quality fibers can be made up of fillers (such as talcum) that accelerate their degradation and shorten the life of artificial turf. Do you want more information about the fiber of artificial grass?

Therefore, all the artificial turf models we manufacture have the best fiber in the marking: TENCATE and Fiberpro.

Marcas De Fibra Cesped Artificial

7. Density of artificial grass: stitches and Dtex

Two key factors related to artificial grass density are stitches and Dtex.

A good artificial grass usually has between 12,000 and 25,000 stitches (number of times the thread is inserted into the base ) per square meter. However, you have to take into account the fiber thickness of each model: the thicker the fiber, the lower the number of stitches.

That is, if the fiber is very thick it will not be necessary to give as many stitches per square meter for that grass to have a perfect density and appearance.

The Dtex value indicates the amount of thread or fiber that contains artificial grass per m2. It must be over 6,000 for the artificial grass to be of quality.

Check our glossary to find out more about these terms.

8. Lawn Height

How much taller is the grass, better quality? The lower, the more resistance? It doesn’t have to.

The height of each model must be according to the use that we are going to give to the grass, but it should not be a determining aspect.

It is usual that if the lawn is to be installed on a busy surface, it is shorter than when it is placed to decorate a terrace where young children play, for example. However, there are models with a medium-high height that have spectacular recovery capacity. In short, height should not be analyzed in isolation, but as another factor to consider.

We work with models that range between 27 and 47mm in height , do you want to see them?

9. Drainage capacity

Having an artificial turf with good drainage capacity, implies that if before placing the surface it did not flood, after installing the lawn the water will not accumulate.

Our artificial grass has a capacity of 60 L / m2 / min.

Do you want quality artificial grass?

Are you clear about the quality indicators of artificial grass? Choose yours wisely, help yourself from the best professionals!

Our company is certified with the seals of Quality ISO 9001 and Environment ISO 14001 as we establish in our Quality and Environment Policy. Our lawn has the CE marking, tests that guarantee its resistance and durability (over 20 years) and with certificates of suitability depending on the use : https://todocesped.es/en/artificial-grass-for-children/ children , https://todocesped.es/en/artificial-grass-for-dogs/ dogs , swimming pools or public works, among others.

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