Advantages of artificial grass

Artificial grass is a product that has gained more and more acceptance over time in decoration and landscaping.

It perfectly meets the needs of the installer, giving an excellent result .

Artificial grass looks flawless and very realistic, it can hardly be distinguished from the natural one.

10 advantages of artificial grass vs natural

Artificial grass significantly reduces the maintenance necessary to make your garden look great. It is hardly watered. It is never cut or fertilized. Therefore, it represents a considerable saving of water and other resources that with natural grass we would have to use to keep it in good condition. Similarly, the time invested in its maintenance is hardly non-existent.

TodoCESPED artificial grass can be installed on tierra, concrete or cement, tile… It is also increasingly common to see it installed on walls or decorating all kinds of businesses, so, ultimately, the lawn can be placed on practically any surface.

Realistic and pleasant appearance, barely distinguishable from natural grass at a glance Many models are also characterized by their softness, a feature to keep in mind if you have children, especially. Its color is guaranteed for years.


Resistant against inclement weather: rain, sun, snow or frost. Great drainage capacity, so if the surface did not puddle before installing the artificial grass, now it will not do it neither. In fact, TodoCESPED’s artificial grass drains between 50 and 60L per square meter every minute.


It does not produce any health problems , or irritations or allergic reactions of any kind.

Unlike natural grass, artificial grass does not accumulate bacteria, mites, insects or worms, since being artificial does not attract the surface as much.

Around a pool , it is non-slip and it is also very resistant to chemicals: it is not affected by chlorine. That is, our grass does not discolor or its fibers deteriorate even if it is attached to the pool.


Compatible with all kinds of pets and domestic animals. We have models of artificial grass for dogs, cats, etc.

The acidity of their urine does not harm it and it is very easy to clean the lawn if your pet pees on top. It supports cleaning with non-abrasive products, in extreme cases they can be applied, as long as they are significantly diluted.

Product suitable for kids and children’s use in general. Our artificial grass is perfect to be installed in homes of families with children, kindergartens, schools, leisure spaces, etc.

It is very easy to install artificial grass, especially on concrete and tile . Occasionally, installation on earth is more complicated, since depending on the terrain minor work would be necessary (maximum duration two days), in the other places mentioned it can be installed by anyone, without the need to be a professional.

Anyway, in TodoCESPED we have professional installers that can carry it out without any problem.

Artificial grass does not need watering, so you will save 100% of the water previously spent on maintaining artificial grass. Nor does it require any chemical products such as fertilizers, so it stops polluting the soil.


Exclusive benefits of buying in TodoCESPED

  • Quality Guarantee: at TodoCESPED we offer a 12 year guarantee for any of our models.
  • Customer service: specialized technicians who advise you on products and installations when you need it.
  • Speed: Shipping of products and free samples in 24/48h to any point of the peninsula. We also ship to islands.
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  • Certificates and tests : We are the only manufacturer that has models certified as suitable for child and animal use . We have technical tests that guarantee all the properties and characteristics that we expose.
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