Sale of Artificial Grass in Spain

Manufacture, sale, distribution and installation of artificial grass in Spain, including Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla.

Why should you install Artificial Grass?

Artificial or synthetic grass is the best solution when it comes to decoration, gardening and landscaping. It provides the garden an extraordinary and realistic appearance all-year-round.

In addition, the installation of artificial lawn has many advantages and benefits, such as its maintenance, which is fast, simple and quite easy, so it doesn’t require any extra-effort. Neither time nor huge investments are needed.

Softness and strength are two of the most important attributes of our models. They are specifically designed to be used by childrendogs and every kind of pet, and to be installed in areas with swimming pools as well.


An artificial grass model for every need

Artificial Grass Maintenance: simple, fast and easy.

Although artificial grass doesn’t need regular maintenance, much like any other surface it can accumulate some dust with the passing of time. That is the reason why we recommend to splash it occasionally with a little water, as we do with every surface.

Additionally, it can be brushed following its reversed direction in order to obtain the very best appearance. When it comes to disinfecting the grass, there are two options: The first one is spraying the surface with sanitising perfume, which smells like recently mowed grass. On the other hand, you can clean the surface with a combination of water and bleach.